And we know how much you appreciate it, especially in the dead of winter.

A big part of our job is delivering low price home heating oil to NJ homes. There are a few small issues that can throw a wrench in this process, but the good news is that proper preparation pretty much eliminates any potential problems.

Here are our top tips to prepare for fuel oil delivery and ensure a smooth process.

Obvious House Number

Our driver can’t offer the best heating oil delivery in NJ if they can’t find your house! Make sure that your house number is in a visible and obvious place so there are no delays while trying to find your place.

Keep the Driveway Clear

Our fuel trucks are big. While our drivers are adept at handling them, they obviously can’t drive over other cars, toys, yard care equipment, or anything else that might be blocking the driveway. Even if your car can get past, our big trucks might not be able to so make sure to clear a wide path.

This applies to snow and ice as well. The snow should be cleared and please put down salt on icy areas to ensure safety. Our driver cannot make a delivery if the area is deemed unsafe.

Put Fluffy Away

You might have the friendliest dog in the world, but they can still get in the way or otherwise be distracting and potentially cause a safety hazard. For everyone’s safety, it’s best to put them away during the delivery. (And please clean up any doggie presents left near the tank).

Detail the Tank’s Location

This one is particularly important if you probably won’t be home when we make the delivery. Please explicitly detail the tank’s location on your order form. This will ensure our delivery professionals can easily find the tank for prompt delivery.

Clear Around the Tank

It’s also important that our delivery drivers can easily access your tank. Be sure to keep bushes trimmed back and any other debris out of the way for a smooth delivery process.

Get Ready for the Best Heating Oil Delivery in NJ!

Follow these tips and you’ll be set for your delivery of low-price home heating oil in NJ. Our drivers should have no trouble finding your house, the tank, and completing their delivery efficiently!