Fuel Additives

Straight heating oil is perfectly acceptable to use in your home, Ariba Oil uses Sunoco and Hess terminals for our quality heating oil. Additives can help with reliability and peace of mind.

Anti gel additive

Yet tanks exposed to the elements have the issue of possible gelling when the nights get extraordinarily cold —when you need heat the most. We use treated fuel with anitgel just to get our trucks to pump off in these conditions. Yet your tank sitting there will get even colder and may need extra antigel.

We sell a treatment to handle these conditions and add it at the time of delivery. Ask for antigel before it gets cold so your fuel is able to handle the cold. Antigel is a cheap alternative to trying to re-liquify your oil and the frozen pipes that may result. Ask for antigel either at every delivery or into the fall and winter.

General purpose additive

Additives to treat your tank for anti sludge and running cleaner and more efficiently.  Ask for a fuel treatment to help your boiler run with less maintenance.

As a side note additives are good for your car also.  Gasoline from Costco and some Major oil companies are treated.   Premium gasoline is only a misnomer, it does not mean it is treated or better for your car.  Premium gasoline refers only to the octane of the gasoline.  Higher octane matters only if your auto manufacturer tells you your engine requires it.  Higher octane means resistance to preignition or knocking.

Read this study from the AAA on additives and why premium gasoline may be draining your wallet and not helping you or your car.