Frequently Asked Questions

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I cannot log on to my account to place an online order.
Start by resetting your password and waiting for the email to come through for confirmation. If you are still experiencing any difficulty, you can always call for assistance. We are here for you!
When I placed an order, my funds were taken but the order did not go through. Or, when I placed an order, my online banking shows that the funds were taken multiple times.
Ariba Oil does not have access to your information nor your funds when this error occurs. This happens when your bank perceives an issue with the information you provided when making the order. Generally this involves a discrepancy between the billing address provided and the one attached to your account or an incorrectly submitted security code. Double check your submitted information, and please make note that PO Boxes can be troublesome.

We can release the funds on our end by notifying the bank of the situation. Just give us a quick call notifying us of the situation with the bank, and we will release their incorrect authorization. As always, we are here to help. We will respond right away during office hours or we will be sure to return your call and rectify the issue when you leave a message after hours.

Why was the price charged different than what I thought it would be?
The price will never be different than when you ordered. What may happen is that you order a different quantity than you are able to take. Quite often, people order oil based upon what they think a tank needs without knowing exactly how much is currently in the tank. Checking your tank by using a measuring stick or looking at the gauge could be tedious, which is why we offer electronic gauges to eliminate the hassle even when you are away. Automatic delivery gives you the discount price on every delivery — even if it only takes 25 gallons.
Will you charge a different price for automatic delivery? What about a small delivery on automatic?
With Ariba Oil in charge of automatic delivery, we will cover the cost of any run-out startups. Our concern is that you always have oil, so if we are in control and send for a delivery that is small, we do not charge more or add on any additional delivery charges….You save always.
How can I pay for automatic delivery?
With automatic delivery, we require either a credit or debit card for payment. Budget accounts can pay by check, cash or card.
When do I get charged for a delivery?
We either charge for the gallons ordered once the order is placed; or, we pre-authorize and charge just for the amount delivered for a fill.
Why did you charge my card so much before the delivery?
Ariba Oil only charges the amount ordered or pre-authorizes an estimated amount required for your fill. For pre-authorized charges, we will adjust the amount and release funds accordingly once the delivery ticket returns to the office.
If the driver knows my tank why did he put it in the wrong tank?
Drivers are regularly on different routes, and it can not be guaranteed that the same driver will be filling your tank every time. For this reason, multiple tanks at homes need to be clearly marked to avoid errors. Please color code multiple tanks and specify the color when placing an order. Also, please make sure that all abandoned/unused tanks are plugged. Ariba Oil cannot take responsibility for incorrect tanks.
My tank was empty and Ariba Oil delivered a couple of gallons?
Spills are to be avoided at all costs. Basement tanks need to be able alert the driver when they are full. If your tank does not whistle, this means the tank is full. If you do not have a whistle on your tank, it has not been safely installed. Make sure to check with your town building codes and your insurance company on their policies on tanks installed without whistles. If the tank tells the driver it is full, it needs to be repaired. At no time can we spill oil when the tank is telling the driver it is full. In-ground tanks should be available to measure directly. If they are not able to be measured, we cannot safely fill the tank. Structures cannot be built over in-ground tanks without clearance to measure. The office can assist in getting proper repairs to most tanks.
I am out of oil. What can I do?
(1) Place an emergency online order to be delivered ASAP. Depending on the time of the order, this may mean the following day. Do not place a regular online order as it may not be prioritized. Call the office (leave a message if the office is closed) and tell them you are out of oil and need an emergency delivery.

(2) If you cannot wait after placing your order, go to the nearest fueling (gas) station that sells diesel fuel. Buy no less than a 5 gallon can of diesel and put it into your tank following the instructions to restart your boiler. Using you can search easily for diesel fuel. Changing the fuel to diesel from gasoline is safe as diesel fuel is interchangeable with heating oil and your boiler will not know the difference.

Does Ariba have a minimum delivery?
No, Ariba Oil does not have a minimum delivery. Keep in mind that the more you spend, the more you save, so before placing your order, think of the maximum you want to spend and order that amount for a small delivery. Sometimes that amount will even fill your tank. To place your order, simply give us a call and note the amount you are looking to spend.
When can I expect delivery?
When you place an order, we attempt to complete all deliveries as soon as possible which requires routing of trucks. The route you are placed on will determine the exact time of delivery. For this reason, it is extraordinarily difficult to predict exact time of day that the delivery will arrive. Paying for your delivery online or over the phone allows you to go about your business and avoid having to waste your day waiting for the delivery. We date-stamp and time-stamp the delivery from start to finish with our computerized delivery system so you will know exactly when the driver was there.
If the price goes up, do I pay the higher price?
Any agreement with the office online or over the phone locks in that price for that day and the following. However, in order for us to hold the quoted price, an order needs to be placed, and we cannot quote prices for more than one day in advance. Sunoco and other suppliers may change our price paid at any time as Ariba picks up directly from Sunoco several times a day and we do not store oil. Also, please remember that no matter what price we quote, your tank must actually take the gallons ordered or it may fall into a small delivery category.
If I want to take advantage of the price, how should I plan for it?
Make sure your tank is at a quarter or at 28 inches or less for a in-ground tank. Make sure you do not run out because, especially when bad weather is coming, we may be sold out for regular deliveries and have to make it an emergency.
Why did I get my delivery today when they said tomorrow?
Ariba tries to make all deliveries ASAP. Sometimes we think that we are sold out; however, tank fills may take less than what is ordered, especially when snow is forecast. Many people panic and order more oil than they need even when they have a lot of oil in the tank. In extreme cases, 1000 gallon tanks will only need 75-200 gallons to fill when the customer presumed they were out of oil. When this occurs, we ultimately have more oil available for other customers and may be able to get to your delivery sooner than anticipated. It is important to check your tank weekly!
Why does Ariba say they are sold out and have to make emergency deliveries?
At Ariba, we need to be responsive to our customers and their need for heat, but just like anyone else, there is a limit to what we can do especially when road and delivery conditions are dangerous. We have a responsibility to ensure that all of our employees are making deliveries under safe work and travel conditions. However, if a customer completely runs out of oil, emergency deliveries can and will be prioritized, sometimes even being delivered that same day (see above for more information). Make sure to check your tank every week, especially during cold weather, to avoid running out!
What happens when I run out of oil?
When you run out of oil, your pump can lose it’s prime as filters and nozzles may clog. Since this can cause your boiler to restart in a less than optimal condition, we recommend that a professional restart your boiler. Hitting the reset may be okay, but there is a chance that the flame will not be correct and the boiler will run inefficiently, wasting the oil as it burns. This would involve some corrective maintenance. Avoid this situation by checking your tank weekly or switch to automatic delivery.
Why does my oil tank need a whistle?

The whistle tells the driver that there is room in the tank to accept more oil. Once the whistle stops the tank is full.

If a driver goes to a tank and it does not whistle either the tank is full or the tank has a issue. Either wide open or improperly installed. In any event a tank needs to be properly functioning to avoid spills and a disaster.

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