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Emergency Deliveries

Ariba makes fast deliveries

yet if you need a delivery for the same day be sure to secure your spot by specifying a emergency delivery.  Deliveries are scheduled but may not be delivered the same day based upon weather, driving and sufficient oil on board the truck.  We never know if the person ordering will take what they ordered or much less.   Sometime tank fills take more than we anticipate and these variables are hard to predict.  Snow storms and weather events aggravate the scheduling due to people order when they do not need it and cannot take what they order.  This variable makes for Ariba to squeeze some extra same day deliveries possible.  Pay on the phone and increase your chances of getting a same day delivery.


Emergency deliveries are given a priority

and may involve rerouting, overtime and loading at local depots that increase our costs. Emergency deliveries may necessitate a extra charge to accommodate the scheduling. Many companies already charge for this every time, Ariba Oil only charges when necessary to ensure the delivery.

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