Budget Programs To Help With Your Heating Needs

Learn about our budget program

Ariba Oil will set you up with a ten month budget based upon your anticipated consumption for the year divided into ten payments. The payments will start in June and run through March. Any balance due at the end of March will be due April 10th.

All deliveries will be based upon the COD price of oil for the day of delivery. Budgets priced at COD prices are unique to the Ariba Oil Company.  COD prices are in effect as long as you are uptodate with your payments– you save all the time with Ariba Oil.

We will send out a email statement for your convince to send the payments in by the 10th of each month. Most online banking systems allow you to autopay your payment for increased convience.  A automatic delivery application needs to filled out as all budget customers are to be also automatic customers. The automatic delivery agreement  has a credit card release form to be completed to be used only in the event that payment is missed.  Simply email us a request for a budget and we can set you up.  If you miss the start of the budget we can set you up with a modified payment schedule.

Any over payment at the end of the heating year will automatically be applied towards the following year budget. Budget agreements will be automatically renewing unless you notify us of a change.

Monthly budget amounts could be lowered or raised depending on variations of how much fuel you are burning. Should you be using less we could lower the amount, conversely should you use more we reserve the right to adjust the payments upward.  Make sure that our history is complete so that we can accurately estimate budget payments.

Budget payments received after the 10th of the month will be applied to your account but may be considered as late payments.

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Good information to know when signing up for our budget program:

About how much is in your tank now?
About how many gallons do you use annually?
Do you use oil for your hot water needs?

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